Why Attend

This two-day event is built to deliver new deal-origination opportunities, connect you to new business partners and provide meaningful insights including, including mainstage discussions, innovative presentations, and unique networking opportunities throughout the day, from small-group discussions over shared areas of interest to the meeting hub for impromptu conversations and private meetings.

You are guaranteed to leave with sharpened insights, an extensive network and a clear vision for the upcoming year.

Remains the best event for networking for export finance in the Americas.”

Carlos Avila
Director, Export Finance,
  TXF Americas 2023 - Highlights!

THE event for export finance in the Americas.”

Marco Fracchia
Head - Financial Institutions,

Expect product and policy updates from North American ECAs, plus a closer look at what will become of the joined up approach from US EXIM, DFC, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Energy

I join the chorus of my colleagues in congratulating you on a great event. Having participated in last year’s event as well, I was very happy to see it grow, not only in participation but also on how the content was put together.”

Jozef Henriquez
Head of Resource Mobilization,

Uncover the latest headwinds facing commodity traders - will we see traders borrowing on the ECA market in the Americas?

Enjoy additional networking activities from pre-event ice breaker drinks to day one cocktail reception, all designed to help you get talking to the right people to set your 2024 pipeline alight!

Access TXF’s exclusive CPRI club, an invite only roundtable for users of the private insurance market

Maximise deal-origination opportunities and enjoy an event which is co-located with Proximo Latin America 2024: Energy, Infrastructure & Development Finance on 27 & 28 Feb